Middle America Fly Fishing Swap Meet Wrap Up

So honestly, this event consumed us. Although we hosted it, it was the brain child of a good buddy of the Jetboat Chronicles, Scott Smallwood. Scott's a good dude, and pretty well plugged into the Fly Fishing Community here in central Ohio. He was able to quickly pull together a few great organizations to join us; from Project Healing Waters, to Central Ohio Fly Fishers (C.O.F.F).

All of his work, combined with our connections on organizing a venue and marketing the event was done in under 4 weeks, and we ended up with roughly 150 people through the door.  Beer was consumed, gear was traded and sold, & the only real winner was the brewery we rented who made BANK on some seriously enthusiastic beer drinkers. 

In short, it was an amazing event that did exactly what The Jetboat Chronicles is designed to do... bring together the community for some laughs & fellowship.

Because of this success, we've decided that it needs to be it's own "thing". For full information on the 2018 event, check our the social media page over on Facebook. Based on what we've heard from everyone surrounding the event. it's only going to grow. See you in 2018. Click below to follow along with updates as the 2018 event is planned.