Honesty Check: Who We Are

The Chronicles are about connecting, not charging.
— Frenchy

I was told long ago that the surest way to destroy the pleasure of a hobby is to make if a job. There's a lot of honesty in that statement. There are countless examples of individuals who thrived & excelled at a skill and made the move to monetize their time only to find themselves years later unhappy & disconnected from what got them started.

It was with those lessons in the forefront of my thoughts as I responded to a question from a supporter of our group who asked:  "What are your plans with The Jetboat Chronicles? Are you guys planning to start guiding or what?".

My answer was simple: "The Chronicles are about connecting, not charging."

Sure, we've been asked to do guided trips before, and every time we've given the referral to our favorite fly shop. Those guys make a living on the water, and it's not an easy one. The last thing they need is some know-nothing asshole like me calling myself a guide and taking bread off their table. Besides they owe us money for old bar tabs... so tip big folks.

That act of connecting people is something that I hope The Jetboat Chronicles becomes known for. Want to fish trout in Tennessee? We know a guy. How about tarpon in Florida? We got him too. How about killer graphics on your boat? Her name's Alisha, and we can get you her cell phone number. I've found many of my most meaningful adult relationships though and around fly fishing, and I want to create a culture movement around that.

At the heart of who I hope The Jetboat Chronicles grows up to be, is the simple principle of honesty. Trying to sell fishing trips or push our new spring fashion line will only get in the way of that. We never want someone to wonder if something we created was meant to push a product, or influence an opinion. We create because we want to, not because a marketing agreement requires it.

We are here to give you a video to talk about with friends. We're here to give you a referral to someone who can help you learn to become a better fly angler. We're here to connect people within our amazing sport.

We're also selling t-shirts... Because beer ain't free.

A footnote about our "Sponsors":

How can we say that we're not here to push a brand or product when we're promoting brands on our website & mentioning them in our videos? The answer is simple. These are people & companies that have supported our core message and get behind who we are. They haven't paid for the spot, and there's no marketing dollars being funneled our direction. It's just our way of saying "thanks".