The 2018 State of the Chronicles


2018 State of The Chronicles

Success isn’t measured in dollars. It’s measured in time. I want to spend mine with the people I care about, in a boat, slinging fly lines, and laughing.
— Frenchy

Three years ago, I sat in my new jetboat at anchor with 2 buddies enjoying a lukewarm beer under intense Ohio summer conditions. We were several hours from home, the fishing was more of an exploration than anything, and in the usual fashion, the discussion was firmly centered on the next trip. North or South? Warm water or cold? 

Over the course of the next few hours conversation degraded into what you can imagine beer-fueled fishing banter to be... but something special was also hatched. The idea of creating something that was centered around what was happening inside of the boat instead of at the end of our lines was discussed. The experience, friendships, and adventure... not just the grip and grins. 

The idea was promptly marked as utter horse-shit and set aside.

So why get nostalgic? Why look backward when the post title said "2018"? Because that little pile of horse-shit is now starting to grow up. Wait... Nah, I'm going to run with that statement.


Over the course of 2017, The Jetboat Chronicles did some pretty amazing things. Trips to the Everglades, Michigan, Canada, Matlacha... We got had a blast and produced some awesome content, but it was at a cost. And that's where this starts to get personal.

I've never discussed funding for The Chronicles, as it wasn't important. I was always so stoked to get on the water with friends, and film what we were going to do anyway, that it just wasn't a point of focus or concern. I was happy to fuel the fires of our adventures with my wallet, and didn't give it much thought. But life, as always, has a way of changing things.

In mid 2017, I found myself without an income. I had held a director level position for over 6 years with a company that I loved, but the honest answer is I just wasn't happy. I was spending the best years of my life helping grow someone else's dream, and spending the money I earned on ways to unwind from the job that I used to make money so I could unwind (Welcome to Crazy Town). It was a broken cycle. After some honest conversations with the owner of the firm, it was clear that it was time to part ways. 

I decided to take my years of business development skill, and combine it with my entrepreneurial drive, and I formalized my own consulting firm: Yellow Lab Partners.

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 10.06.01 PM.png

This post isn't about my new business, but I want to be honest about what's up with The Jetboat Chronicles and why it went dark for a few months. I was hard at work behind the scenes, and opted to structure the business in such a way that Yellow Lab Partners now owns The Jetboat Chronicles. It's a subsidiary of Yellow Lab Partners.

Here's why:

The Jetboat Chronicles is now REAL. It has a pipeline of actual funds to help it do new awesome things. Although I keep my family in a home and make my living through Yellow Lab Partners, I'm able to dedicate time and resources into growing, evolving, and formalizing The Jetboat Chronicles into something that's more than just a social media outlet. I'm not sure where the journey will lead, but I've created foundation to start building.

Success isn't measured in dollars. it's measured in time. I want to spend mine with people I care about, in a boat, slinging fly lines, and laughing.

No matter what comes from this crazy adventure, know that myself, my family, and all of us here at The Jetboat Chronicles appreciate every second you spend with us. 

- Frenchy
Founder & Chief Idiot at The Jetboat Chronicles