I’m not sure if this is going to be awesome, or if I’m going to die and destroy the boat. You should probably get out and film this...
— Ryan "Frenchy" Srbljan

The Jetboat Chronicles was founded on a single simple idea: Go fishing with friends, as often as possible. That's it. It wasn't always filmed, and it wasn't always on social media. We just eventually realized there were other fly anglers out there that didn't have the same core group to share their time on the water with, so we started filming to share our stories. 

We aren't professionals. Just watch some of the haggard tailing loops and that becomes immediately apparent. We aren't here to sell you anything. Seriously. We'll never open a retail store, there are too many good ones out there that we love to hang out at. We aren't guides. One of the chronicle crew used to be, but he's an asshole and prefers to catch all the fish these days.