Meet the Madmen & Masterminds behind the Chaos.

These are the people you've come to know and love on The Jetboat Chronicles video series. Learn a little more about them and their roles in their bios below, and be sure to check out their social media pages for their personal interests and pursuits (here's a hint... it's fishing).

Bios of the Chronicle Crew


Ryan "Frenchy" Srbljan

Nicknamed by a drunk fraternity brother thinking his last name was French (it's not), Frenchy didn't begin his fly fishing career until well after college. The founder of The Jetboat Chronicles, he's far from the best angler of the group, just the most willing to put himself in harms way to pursue world class fishing... ask him about getting lost in the backcountry of Everglades with no GPS.

  • Hometown: Chatham, Illinois
  • Strangely addicted to sugar-free Redbull.
  • Favorite Fish Story: Matlacha & the motor with no pull start cord


Kevin Geib

Kevin was the one that introduced Frenchy to fly fishing... so essentially this is all his fault. A life long fisherman, and 3rd generation fly angler, the man is equally as deadly with a nymphing stick as he is on a bar tab. Possibly best known in recent years as the "man behind the beard", he's a cornerstone of the team, and loved by all who meet him. Unless you're not an Indians fan, then you can "fuck right off".

  • Hometown: North Canton, Ohio
  • Favorite Beer: Whiskey
  • Favorite Species: "Anything not a %#*ing trout"

Jeff Rasband

Jeff was the original jet boat owner in the Jetboat Chronicles group. His 14' aluminum jon boat and 25hp Johnson outboard jet were the first dose of jet boat madness that we ever tasted. Primarily a salt water fly angler, forced to occupy the northern states while pursuing a medical degree, Jeff is arguably the best angler of the group, and undoubtedly the most educated.  He's also certifiably insane at the tiller of a small craft. Skiff or sled, he's a mad man.

  • Small craft genius... From poling to rowing, he's got it covered.
  • Once took a canoe into open ocean to chase tarpon
  • Famous last words: "We've got this... LOL NOPE!"


Mason aka "Moose"

As loyal a friend as you'd ever want, Mason has been our boat buddy for as long as Frenchy has owned a boat. Generally a distraction, and often laying in the worst possible spots in the boat, he's been banned from many drift boats, flats boats, and seedy motels he's been snuck into for the night. Somehow he always shows back up, and we're glad to see him.

  • Hometown: Greenville, Michigan
  • Age: 11 in people years
  • Favorite Food: Yes.